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Welcome to the Battle Grapple Trials. Win your category to earn a guaranteed place on a upcoming 2020 Battle Grapple card. Split weight CASH PRIZE absolutes!

Open to all Levels White Belt/Beginner to Black Belt/Elite 

The first Battle Grapple Trials will be held at the Woking Leisure Centre on July 26th 2020.

Winners of all Advanced (Blue) and Elite (Purple, Brown and Black) Gi and No-Gi categories win a guaranteed  place in one of our 2020 shows.

Prizes, champion T-shirts & large world-class medals

Professional production & championship live stream 

Split Weight absolutes CASH PRIZES:


o Black Belt Male – Absolute -80kg: £500

o Black Belt Male – Absolute +80kg: £500

o Black Belt Female – Absolute -70kg: £500

o Black Belt Female – Absolute +70kg: £500


o Elite Absolute Male -76kg: £500

o Elite Absolute Male +76kg: £500

o Elite Absolute Female -69kg: £500

o Elite Absolute Female +69kg: £500


1 division: £40

2 divisions: £55

Optional cash prize absolutes: £10

Junior/ Juvenile

1 division: £25

2 divisions: £40

Venue: Woking Leisure Centre - Address: Kingfield Road, Woking. GU22 9BA

Doors will open at 8.45am. First matches will be 9.30am.

For Rules, Divisions, Payment and Refund information, see below.

(Registration Note - When entering Payment Information - Post Code must match the Billing Address registered with the Card Issuing Bank)


Time Limits

Regulation Times (Submission-only rules apply – see below):

· Junior (ages 14 and under) & Juveniles (ages 15-17) Beginner and Advanced 3 Min

· Junior (ages 14 and under) & Juveniles (ages 15-17) Elite; As well as, Adults (ages 18+) & Masters (ages 35+) Beginner & White Belt; 4 Min

· Adults (ages 18+) Advanced / Blue Belt & Masters (ages 35+) all skills 5 Min

· Adults (ages 18-29) Elite / Purple, Brown & Black Belts 6 Min


Gi / No-Gi – Submission-only during Regulation time. 

No Points No advantages

In case of no submissions during regulation time, 2 extra minutes will be added, and the winner will be the first to score (See Rules below).

In case of no score after 2 extra minutes, it goes to referee’s decision.

Ways to score

· Takedowns

· Sweeps

· Guard Pass

· Mount

· Back take

· Knee-on-Belly

NO-GI Competition rules. Please note:

o No-Gi TAKEDOWNS: A takedown is completed when you initiate a Takedown, take your opponent off their feet, and remain on a top position for 2 seconds.


o No-Gi Junior & Juveniles Legal / Illegal Techniques:

o Beginner Junior/Juvenile divisions do not allow submissions to be applied.

o The following are Illegal techniques for Beginner, Advanced, Elite Junior/Juvenile divisions: All forms of neck cranks, No Gi Ezekiel choke, jumping Guard (Allowed in Juvenile Elite), wrist locks, bicep & calf compression, body compression used as a submission, slamming, “Boston crab” style guard passes, twisting or reaping forms of ankle / leg locks, Knee-bars, squeezing windpipe with hand, “electric chair”, and spine locks are illegal. All No Gi chokes require an opponent’s arm inside the choke except Guillotines, rear naked chokes, forearm chokes and gogoplatas.

o Straight ankle locks are legal techniques in Juvenile NoGi competition.

o No-Gi Adult Men & Women, Masters Legal / Illegal Techniques: Heel Hooks and jumping Guard — Illegal for Beginners, but legal for Advanced and Elite. All skill levels are permitted to apply virtually all other submission techniques. Slamming, pulling back fingers or toes and squeezing windpipe with hand are Illegal techniques for all Beginner, Advanced and Elite No Gi competitors.

Gi Competition rules are based on the rules created by the IBJJF. Please Note:

o GI TAKEDOWNS: All achievable points require 3 seconds of dominant control.


o Junior and Juvenile Gi Legal / Illegal Techniques:

o Illegal techniques for Beginner (Juvenile), Advanced & Elite Junior and Juvenile. All of the rules associated with No Gi competition are identical in the Gi competition except the following:

o Gi-based Ezekiel chokes are permitted.

o Juveniles are permitted to apply straight ankle locks in Gi competition.

o Adult (18+) Men & Women, Masters (35+) Gi Legal / Illegal Techniques. SUMMARY:

o All forms of heel hooks, neck cranks, slamming, pulling back fingers or toes, scissors takedowns and spine locks are illegal for all belt levels.

o White Belts: Straight ankle locks are permitted (no twisting or reaping of the knee). Jumping Guard is not permitted for White Belts.

o Blue & Purple Belts— White belt rules plus wrist locks, jumping Guard & body compressions are allowed.

o Brown & Black Belts— Blue & Purple belt rules plus add toe holds, knee bars, bicep & calf slicers.


Weigh-ins will be on the day. Competitors doing Gi must weigh in with their gi and belt on. If you fail to make weight you will be DQ'd. You will not be able to move divisions.


· NO-GI: Suitable No-Gi clothing of recognizable brands must be worn. Strictly no pockets or sharp items e.g. zippers.

· Gi: Gis must be correctly sized as per IBJJF rules, with 4 fingers space in the cuff of sleeves and trousers, and no more than 4 fingers space between hand and gi for jacket and ankle and gi for trousers. If your gi or belt are deemed unsuitable you will have to find a replacement or will be disqualified. Jacket and trousers must be colour matched.


Woking Leisure Centre »
Woking Leisure Centre Kingfield Rd Woking GU22 9BA
Fuso Orario: Europe/London



  • Male Nogi 40 GBP
  • Male Gi 40 GBP
  • Male Absolute Gi 10 GBP
    Black belt
  • Male Absolutes Nogi 10 GBP
    Elite Only
  • Female Gi 40 GBP
  • Female Nogi 40 GBP
  • Female Absolute Nogi 10 GBP
    Elite Only
  • Female Absolute Gi 10 GBP
    Black belt
  • Juniors & Juveniles Gi 25 GBP
  • Juniors & Juveniles Nogi 25 GBP